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Week 3

Come run with us to prepare for the amazing 24 hour run

Tuesday you can come meet your potential godmother and godfather. This is certainly recommended to every first year student to meet some older students who gladly help you with al your study work.

Wednesday evening you can come have a drink with Eoos at our amazing faculty bar

To finish the week, thursday we have an amazing quiz ready for you. Be sure to register. 😀

Week 13

This week @ eoos: nothing at all!

Fak has closed and our CuDi personnel has started studying, so they can no longer be of service to you, unfortunately.

Good luck with studying for exams!

Week 12

Week 12 aka the second to last week of the academic year! We’re almost there, people.

And then for a last important message: our CuDi people are slowly starting to pick up their studies as well, so this week is the very last week in which you can make an appointment to buy courses at the course service.

Good luck!

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