Eoos is the student union of Language and Area Studies at the KU Leuven and encloses the courses Arabic & Islamic Studies, Japanology and Sinology and the higher phases of Slavonic & East-European Studies. Quite a mouthful, isn’t it?

All in all we have about 600 students a year to represent in the area of education and organize events for. We have been doing this since 1980: the year that Eoos saw the light of day. In June 2014 we converted the association of Eoos to a non-profit organization.

What we do

With an entire team we offer you a wide variety of activities and information.
A few examples:

  • Student representation
  • Course service
  • Sports activities
  • A guided tour for new students
  • Theme parties
  • Cantuses
  • Movie nights
  • A magazine with All Things Eoos
  • Activities per course
  • And much more…

As you can see, there’s a lot of things we can help you with.

This year, like every other, there’s an enthusiastic team of people, ready to begin their work, so enjoy!
If you have any questions, you can always talk to us in person, e-mail us or contact us via our other channels.

If you want to know the origins of the name, you can click here.
You can find the Anthem here and information about the Articles of Association here.