Eoos is the Greek goddess of the dawn. She announces the coming of the sun – from the east – every single day; and that is precisely what unites our studies.

Language and Area Studies is a bundle of four completely different studies from the east: the east of Europe, the Middle East and the Far East are all included. You can find the sun in our coat of arms; all the languages we teach are united on it. The crane is an eastern bird, also symbol for the rising sun.
All our studies are very different, but united all the same.

PS: Because Eoos is not an abbreviation, it is not spelled in capitals.

The Orient Express

Is there anything more romantic than the Orient Express? That wonderful, luxurious hotel on wheels.
Peace treaties have been signed in it, books have been created, attacks have been thwarted, murders have been committed. But if that was romantic, every train had to have a magical undertone. It’s the diversity of the trip and the people on the train that assures we associate the Orient Express with tension. It’s the trip to Parijs, of Napoleon, of Dumas and Monet, the capitol of the New, to Istanbul, Constantinopel, the city of the old. The journey to another culture, the journey to adventure. The journey to the gates of the east.

I [Céline, ex-president] like to see Eoos as the Orient Express. We pick the people up in Europe and drop them wherever they have to be: at the end of our culture. We might not be a hotel on rails, but we are a hotel in the minds of our members; a hotel that nevertheless thunders and keeps going forward. I would like to invite you to always return to our lobby.

This year [2015-2016] Eoos celebrates her 35-year anniversary. And with that anniversary, we shake off the imputation of being a hobby club. We are no shaky train, no lightrail or streetcar, not even an intercity or a Eurostar. We are the fucking Orient Express.
And if we keep going as strong as the Orient Express, we have a long journey ahead in front of the rising sun…

– from: Lustrumspeech 2015-2016