Have a great holiday!

Enjoy the holidays, Happy New Year and last but not least: good luck with studying & exams!

Week 13

Week 13

Welcome in week 13 aka the last week before exam/study period aka the week in which you don’t want to leave your house because you’re dying aka the week in which you come to the Fak anyway because you still can.

This week, you can find us @ fak on Tuesday afternoon & Wednesday evening. On Thursday evening you can come enjoy a real classic Christmas movie with us! 

Much love from Eoos <3

Week 12

Week 12

Hola! Is it the second to last week of the semester already? Why yes it is, and you’re certainly not the only one stressing about that. 

In the mood for an exciting drink, an evening of dancing or just a moment to vent? Come to Eoos’ ladies at the fak on Wednesday. Some of our ladies are running the evening, but people of all genders are welcome!

Course Service

The Course Service will be open once more this week, but not just for everybody who forgot to get their courses on time. 
The course service will take care of the people that still have to collect their courses that were back ordered and to help the people who come to pick up their secondhand books that weren’t sold. If you don’t come to get your secondhand book, it will become Eoos’ property! 
Can’t stop by on Thursday? Send an email to the course service so they can try to find another moment to help you!

Week 11

Week 10

Welcome in week 10!

It’s December, which means exams are just around the corner, but have no fear: we still have lots to do this month! 

This week, we will give you plenty of time to study, because we only have things planned for Thursday. You can find us @ fak on Thursday afternoon and in the evening, we are organizing a quiz for Saint Nicholas’s. Unfortunately, the quiz is sold out, but please feel welcome to join us in the afternoon! 

Week 10

Week 9

Dear Eoos,

Week 9 has arrived, and so has Saint Nicholas, Tuesday brings the Arts-drink-off and on Thursday we sell cheese croquettes. What else is there to desire?

You can also register for our Saint Nicholas quiz and/or the Warmathon of Arts (running for charity). 

Have a nice week!

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