Eoos wouldn’t be a student union without the necessary amusement. That’s why Eoos organizes various activities like TD’s, food sales and theme parties throughout the year.

Well-known events are the kickstart TD in collaboration with Alfa and, in the second semester, Asian Pop Party. Theme parties like Murder on the Orient Express were very popular earlier as well.

In the first semester the schachtenverkoop and the doop take place.

We also have a celebration week, the Eoosterse week, that’s full of cool activities and food sales that introduce you to new flavors in exchange for a student-like price.

Do you have an idea for an activity or a party?
E-mail us

Anna, Animation

Hi! How nice to have you on our site! 
I’m Anna, I’ve completed Arabic Studies and will be starting my Master’s in Conflict and Development this year. I am looking forward to organizing nice parties for you all, like a new edition of Asian Pop Party! Animation will also take care of nice food sales and cantusses (like our Facebook page for updates). We have even more things to do for our new students! Be sure to stop by during the introduction week and please tag along on the first years’ weekend! I hope you find new friends through Eoos, just like I have!

Kirsten, Animation

Hey dear folks! My name is Kirsten and I’m in the 2nd year of my bachelor’s in Arabic Studies. I will be taking care of a part of animation this year. Concretely, this means organizing cantuses, parties, food sales, introduction week and the first years’ weekend! I am looking forward to it and hope to see you during one of our events! 

Mezia, Animation

Hey everyone,
I am Mezia and I’m in the 2nd year of Arabic Studies. I love travelling, reading and partying, of course! This is why I will be active in Eoos’ Animation team this year, so we can organize cool parties, cantuses, food sales and so much more! I hope you will be enjoying your years as a student as much as I am! 
I’m looking forward to it! 

Roos, Animation

Greetings all! 
Together with Anna, Mezia and Kirsten I will be taking care of the animation management. I love to have fun, so I chose one of the more fun things to do: animation. My motto: have some beers in arts’ faculty bar (or fruit juice, whatever you want). 
I hope to meet you in great numbers and help you form interesting connections with the wonderful and diverse people who study our courses. See you soon! 

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