One of the many peculiar traditions of the student life in Leuven is something you may have already heard of: the cantus! We get together, we sing songs and we drink beer – in a more or less orderly fashion.

Our cantor prepares the evening and uses her beautiful voice to guide us through our codex (the book with all the song lyrics). In the meantime, our volunteers make sure that you have enough beer (or water) to keep those vocal chords hydrated!

Feel free to try and practice our anthem, so you can proudly sing along with us! (only in Dutch!)

Anxious to come sing with us, but you don’t have a codex yet? Don’t worry: you can always come and buy one at our course service. We sell them at the cantus as well.

Keep an eye on the calendar to find out when you can come and demonstrate your amazing singing talents (or lack thereof, we don’t judge)!

Caught the cantus bug and can’t get enough of it? Check out this facebook page to get an overview of all the cantuses around Leuven!

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