Eoos has a course service since 1998-1999 that offers course material for democratic prices each semester for the students of Language and Area Studies.

The people of the course service fill their time with their own classes, selling course material, membercards & hoodies and ordering new supplies.

For more information about the course service, click here.

Siebe, Course Service

Hola! My name is Siebe, I’m 20 years young and I’m in the third year of my bachelor in Arabic Studies. My passions are travelling, reading, music and, of course, the Middle East. This year I will be responsible for your dear courses. You can also buy exclusive merch at the course service, like our super fancy sweaters! I will see you there soon, or at many other Eoos events.

Moira, Course Service

Hey everyone! I am a master student Sinology, just back from her year in China. This year, I can do my favorite role during my 4th year with Eoos: the course service! You will see me from time to time above the faculty bar of Arts, where you can buy your courses and other materials. If you have questions, problems or other remarks (or just feel the need to chat), I’d appreciate it if you’d stop by!

Annelies, Course Service

Hey everyone I am Annelies and I’m in my Master’s Arabic Studies. This year I will be volunteering for the course service, which means you can ask me for things you might need: books, courses, codices and merchandise. If you have questions about Arabic Studies, please ask those as well! See you soon xoxo

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