Eoos has a course service since 1998-1999 that offers course material for democratic prices each semester for the students of Language and Area Studies.

The people of the course service fill their time with their own classes, selling course material, membercards & hoodies and ordering new supplies.

For more information about the course service, click here.

Team Cudi

Dominique Meeus

Hey! I’m Dominique and this is my 2nd year being Eoos’ course service. I may not study language- and regional studies (anymore), but I still think Eoos is the best student body – and it probably always will be to me. At first sight, the course service maybe isn’t as fun or interesting as the other functions, but it’s definitely just as necessary! Making sure the textbooks for the students for the semester that’s coming gives me a good feeling time and time again. This year as well, I look forward to once again being responsible for our beloved student body’s course service!

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