Eoos has a course service since 1998-1999 that offers course material for democratic prices each semester for the students of Language and Area Studies.

The people of the course service fill their time with their own classes, selling course material, membercards & hoodies and ordering new supplies.

For more information about the course service, click here.

Team Cudi

Marie-An Knops

Hi everyone! My name is Marie-An and I’m one of the course service managers this year. I’m 22 years old and study sinology. I studied in China last year and it was THE most amazing experience in my life, but this year I will focus 100% on the most fun student union again. You can come to us to buy – of course- your books and course material, but also some nice Eoos-gadgets or even tickets for our awesome parties! Even if you just want to chat or have a drink, just come to our faculty bar! If you have any questions or remarks, please don’t hesitate to contact us: cursusdienst@eoos.be! See you soon!

Dominique Meeus

I am Dominique. Last year I studied Japanology, but that was a bit too hard, so this year I will study English and German/Spanish Language and Literature. Despite that, I still prefer being with Eoos. It is a small, close group and everybody knows each other, I like that. And let’s be honest, Eoos is just the best student union.

This year I will provide the course service, because it doesn’t look that hard to combine with my studies. I know how annoying it can be if it is the middle of November and you still need a part of your books and course material.  That’s why I thought, “I’m just going to involve myself with the course service and then I can help in that enormous chaos at the start of the academic year”. So I am happy to help everyone with their books this year.

Many greetings, Domonique

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