We can’t just party around all the time, right? That’s why Eoos provides a sound dose of culture.

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Do you have ideas for a beautiful movie or an interesting trip? E-mail us!

Daan, Culture

I’m on the Culture team because I think this role is a great plus for Eoos. Our quizzes provide intellectual stimulation in between all of our (alcoholrelated) moments of relaxation. Our movies support interesting perspectives on the areas and cultures we study. It also helps students with their portfolio. 

Culture also organizes trips on which we visit exhibitions which are (sometimes) related to our study courses. In the week after exams in February we will be going on a trip abroad. I personally hope that it will be a sunny destination, so as to escape the cold Belgian winter. 

Stijn, Culture & Eoos Express

Together with Daan I will be trying to educate Eoos in all things cultural. There will be trips and events throughout the year, more info will follow. Not interested in culture? That’s okay, but you might just have picked the wrong course to study.

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