But we can’t just party around all the time, right? That’s why Eoos provides a sound dose of culture. We have a movie night every two weeks with a movie that’s often related to one of our courses.

We also go on a trip at least once per semester. In previous years, these were trips to MOMU, a fashion museum, or to the spring concert of the USO: University Symphonic Orchestra.

Eoos also goes on a trip every year in the week after exams in January. This culture trip went to Prague, Krakow and Malta in earlier years. That way, we get to see culturally sound architecture and also, the bottom of our glass.. Whatever you want!

For further information on the cultural activities, click here.
Do you have ideas for a beautiful movie or an interesting trip? E-mail us!

Merel Tuytte, Culture


Hey Eoots! I’m Merel, I’m 19 and I study Japanology.

2017-2018 is my first year as one of the people responsible for culture, together with Siebe, and hopefully it will be a great year. With activities like foreign movies, trips and the culture journey in January that will all turn out just fine, I think!

Siebe Jonckheere, Culture & PR


Hi, I’m Siebe, 19 years young and I’m in my 2nd year Arabic Studies. This is my first year in the Eoos Presidium and I’m very much looking forward to kindle your cultural spirit with interesting movies and border-crossing activities, like the culture trip in January. I will also keep you up-to-date (read: I spam and stalk you guys) about all our events through social media…

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