One of the most important activities of Eoos is the representation of all the Language and Area students within the different councils and commissions of the university. We work on this representation on a variety of different levels: starting from the individual programs, to faculty level and all the way to a university-wide representation. Together with the representatives from all different programs, we try our best to defend the interests of our students at every step of the way.

Click here to find out which meetings we go to and who will be representing you there!

Do you have any questions or remarks? Don’t hesitate to contact us here!

Aagje, Education & Vice President

Hey there.  

I’m Aagje, 2nd year student Arabic Studies, but also still student of Slavic studies. This year I want to continue representing the Language and Area students on educational level. 

Sarah, Annie en I will represent you in different meetings and on different levels. I am looking forward to hearing your opinions and amplifying them. 

Most importantly: questions, remarks and opinions about everything to do with your education are always welcome with us. We can only let your voices be heard if you let us hear them first. PLEASE meddle in your own education matters! 

If you are interested in educational representation, contact us for information (no obligation there).  

See you soon & lots of love,


Sarah, Education

Hey all, I’m Sarah ☺ I am 20 years old, in the 3rd year of the bachelor of Arabic Studies and this year is my first one at Eoos. Together with Aagje I will be representing you in educational matters! I am very much looking forward to representing you all; good representation starts with a dialog between students, so please share your opinions with us! Lots of love and, hopefully, until soon!

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