One of the most important activities of Eoos is the representation of all the Language and Area students within the different councils and commissions of the university. We work on this representation on a variety of different levels: starting from the individual programs, to faculty level and all the way to a university-wide representation. Together with the representatives from all different programs, we try our best to defend the interests of our students at every step of the way.

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Team Education

Alice Delhoux

Hello there! I’m Alice and this academic year Merel and I will be your student representatives. Together we will be there as point of contact and spokesperson for all Language and Area-students. To fulfill this task to the best of our ability, we are counting on your input. So don’t hesitate to approach us with possible questions or comments regarding your education, when you see us swirling around the ‘Erasmustuin’ and beyond. See you soon and lots of love. Alice

Merel Tuytte

Hello Eootjes! My name is Merel, I am 21 years old and I am a third year Japanologist. This year I am vice president of Eoos, this means that I will support our president with the daily management of Eoos and will be a point of contact for our members. Besides that Alice and I will be representing all Langue and Area students in meetings about education. If you have questions about education, Eoos or about my favorite color or something, you can always contact me or come and see me. Okay bye!

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