One of the most important activities of Eoos is the representation of all the Language and Area students within the different councils and commissions of the university. We work on this representation on a variety of different levels: starting from the individual programs, to faculty level and all the way to a university-wide representation. Together with the representatives from all different programs, we try our best to defend the interests of our students at every step of the way.

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Do you have any questions or remarks? Don’t hesitate to contact us here!

Aagje van Eyken, Education


Hey hello. After three delightful years in the Eoos culture team it seemed like the time to try out something new. Through certain events in Language and Area Studies in the last year, Education seemed like the most logical option. I’m looking forward to representing your voices wherever possible. I’m always available to have a conversation about this, because it is essential to get involved with your own education! Questions, remarks and opinions are always welcome here, because we can only let your voices be heard if you communicate with us. 

See you soon, because I’m at most Eoos events, really.

Lots of love, Aagje.

Marie-An Knops, Course Service & Education


Hey all! My name is Marie-An, I’m 20 years old and am in the 3rd year of the bachelor of Sinology.

I love travelling, reading and, of course, China! This year I want to get involved in Eoos’ education and course service. As one of the people responsible for education, I will represent your interests and keep you up to date about decisions and changes. If you have any questions, go ahead!

Johanna De Weerdt, International & Education


Hey! My name’s Johanna, I’m 21 years old and am in the 3rd year of the bachelor of Sinology. I am taking on two functions in Eoos this year, both of which are really important to me: International and Education!

As one of the people responsible for education I hope to represent our students to the best of my abilities and to defend them in all possible meetings where needed. We will also be active in communicating everything to you guys! 🙂

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