One of the most important activities of Eoos is the representation of all the Language and Area students within the different councils and commissions of the university. We work on this representation on a variety of different levels: starting from the individual programs, to faculty level and all the way to a university-wide representation. Together with the representatives from all different programs, we try our best to defend the interests of our students at every step of the way.

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Team Education

Jing van den Berg

Hi there! My name is Jing, I’m 21 years young and currently in my first master Sinology. Because China still has its borders closed for foreign students, I want to enjoy another year full of fun in Leuven. This year will be my first year representing all students for Education. Your imput and suggestions are always welcome! Jing

Lara Meyvisch

Geen beschrijving beschikbaar.

Hi! I’m Lara en this year I will take care of education here in EOOS. I’m 18( I’ll be 19 in October) and I’m doing my second year of bachelor Japanologie. If you ever need advice about certain courses, you can always come to me.I’m also a Beaty fanatic, everything from makeup to hair colouring and cutting. I hope that I can help you in the future on different occasions and represent you in different  student meetings.

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