The Eoos Express is the student zine of Eoos and appears about five or six times a year. It keeps you up to date about the goings on of Language and Area Studies and brings you petty facts and nice articles. Furthermore, some Erasmus students keep us posted on their adventures in the Far East.

However, The Eoos Express doesn’t appear on its own and we’re always looking for contributions. This can be in any form, shape or size: drawings, articles, poetry, stories: whatever you want. Everything you want to send in, can go here.

Emilie Xu, Eoos Express


Peekaboo! I’m Emilie and I’m from a small village in West Flanders, Ingelmunster. I’ve been on this earth for 19 years and since last year I’ve mostly been in Leuven. A sinologist to be and now responsible for Eoos Express, but mostly a ordinary girl who likes to be creative and hangs around outside.

I think studying is important, but so is relaxation and I can think of nothing more fun than to relax with your classmates at Eoos! The Eoos Express is the nicest booklet for me, in between all those thick courses we have to read. My great colleague Shani and I give it our all to make it the best it can be! 😊

Shani Bellens, Eoos Express


Hi! I’m Shani, I’m 21 years old and I’m from the mainly unknown Begijnendijk. I’m enthusiastic, open-minded and creative, love travelling and other cultures and this is also the reason why I chose to study Sinology. After this first year I can confidently say I love it!

When asked what function I would like to fulfill in the Eoos Presidium, I chose Eoos Express on the spot! Thanks to my great colleague Emilie, but in particular because making the best student magazine of Leuven seems to be the perfect outlet for my creative soul. Emilie and I will try our best to be innovative, like our predecessors, so stay tuned!

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