The Eoos Express is the student zine of Eoos and appears about five or six times a year. It keeps you up to date about the goings on of Language and Area Studies and brings you petty facts and nice articles. Furthermore, some Erasmus students keep us posted on their adventures in the Far East.

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However, The Eoos Express doesn’t appear on its own and we’re always looking for contributions. This can be in any form, shape or size: drawings, articles, poetry, stories: whatever you want. Everything you want to send in, can go here.

Merel, Eoos Express

Hey! I am Merel, 20 years old and I come from Meulebeke (not to be confused with Molenbeek). Leuven has been my second home for 2 years and if you ask me, I’m fine with that staying like that for a while.   

As a Japanologist to be, I’m looking forward to making my mark on this year’s Eoos Express, but the non-Japanologists can breathe easily; my colleague Stijn and I will make sure there’s a lot of variation!

If you have suggestions for the Eoos Express or questions about living in Leuven and being a student, please feel welcome to talk to me about this! I am easy to spot: look for a mini-human with long blonde hair! 😉 

Stijn, Eoos Express & Culture

In these times of fake news it can be hard to spot a trustworthy source of information – but there’s hope. Eoos Express is your salvation. Together with Merel I will be making sure this tradition stays in tact.

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