The Eoos Express is the student zine of Eoos and appears about five or six times a year. It keeps you up to date about the goings-on of Language and Area Studies and brings you petty facts and nice articles. Furthermore, some Erasmus students keep us posted on their adventures in the Far East.

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However, The Eoos Express doesn’t appear on its own and we’re always looking for contributions. This can be in any form, shape or size: drawings, articles, poetry, stories: whatever you want. Everything you want to send in can go here.

Team EE

Benjamin Poelmans

Why hello there, My name is Benjamin (Also known as Benji, or gramps for some). I’m currently in my  1/2e bach japanology (of 1e sinology – schratch the non-conform), and together with Lucas I’m responsible for the EE (Eoos Express – Small booklet published during the year on intervalls). The EE is usually published, and handed out before/during/after the gramar Classes. Last year was a full paperback, this year we might go experimenting with PDF versions. Before you collectors flip the table, there will still be EE’s coming out on paperback.


Lucas Thirion


I’m Lucas, a third year Japanology student. This year I’m responsible for the Eoos Express and sports. I will make sure every edition of the Eoos Express is fun. It will contain interesting and funny articles for everyone. I will also be organizing fun sporting events, for everyone. If you have any questions about sports or the Eoos Express feel free to ask me!

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