Eoos runs the Faculty Bar of Arts, in short: de Fak, together with the other five Arts-unions.
De Fak is a student bar where you can have a cup of coffee or a bowl of soup between classes and, at night, have a beer.

De Fak is unique because it’s run by six unions that alternately man the bar. This is also the reason why there’s always something going on: from theme nights to cocktailparties.

Do you want to draft some beers? Don’t hesitate and contact us.


Fakbar Letteren is situated at Blijde Inkomststraat 11 and is also accessible through the faculty of Arts garden.

More information can be found here and here.

You can find out if Eoos is currently manning the bar at the bottom of this site! We will be there on Sunday evenings and every other week on wednesday afternoon.

Team Fak

Judith Kesteloot

Hi, my name is Judith. I’m in my 2nd year Arabic and Islamic studies. It’s my first year with Eoos, and immediately in one of the most amusing positions, ‘Fakverantwoordelijke’. Together with my beloved prospective sinologists, Emily and Lin, we will provide DJs, barkeepers and stewards on our weekly afternoons and evenings in our faculty bar. Drop by, stay and have fun with us and the beers for a euro.            
If you want to be barkeeper or DJ for Eoos, feel free to contact us 😉.

Greetings and see you soon!

Lin Antonis

Heey! I am Lin, I am in my second year Sinology and together with Emily and Judith I will be responsible for our faculty bar. As the name suggests, we are responsible to keep our faculty bar running. We make sure there is a DJ and there are stewards and barkeepers. So if you feel like having a drink sometime, don’t hesitate to come and visit our faculty bar.

Emily Van Nuffelen

Hey hey! I am Emily, I’m in my second bachelor Sinology and I will be responsible for our faculty bar for Eoos this year. Luckily I don’t do this alone, but together with two amazing women: Lin and Judith. Briefly explained: We ensure that our faculty bar is the place to be during the nights and afternoons of Eoos. So I would say: make sure to visit our bar to get a taste of the amazing ambiance! And if you are there, don’t hesitate to stick around  for the amazing night in one of the best faculty bars of Leuven. If you want to be barkeeper or dj sometime, come talk to one of the three of us.

Greetings and I’m expecting you there, see you soon! 😉

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