This is the person responsible for Eoos’s finances. She plans ahead to make sure no money is wasted, keeps a watchful eye over the bank accounts and the physical safe and stalks those who owe Eoos money.

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Anthe Claes Cultuur Financiƫn Kring Eoos
Anthe, Finances

I’m Anthe, 23 years old and after 5 years of studying literature, I will be starting my teacher training this year. Because of internships and the like I will not always be around at Eoos events, but I will certainly be there whenever I can! Luckily, I can also fill in excel sheets from the couch at any hour. Seeing as I’m dangerously close to furniture-status in terms of sticking around at the Eoos board, this will probably be the last year that I’m around. I’m looking forward to ending my streak with a great position: making sure everyone pays on time and we don’t go bankrupt. 

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