Language and Area Studies is synonymous with a strong interest in international activity & all things abroad. On this page you find the representative of this role this year. For more information about Eoos’ international activities, click here.

Do you have any questions? Or do you have an amazing idea for our next intercultural activity? Don’t hesitate to contact us here!

Team International

Benjamin Poelmans

Why hello there, My name is Benjamin (Also known as Benji, or gramps for some). I’m currently in my 1/2e bach japanology (of 1e sinology – schratch the non-conform), and together with Tommyboy responsible for the International part of Eoos. Unlike Tokke, I don’t share a past with AFS, but I did do my time in South-East Asia living and working there for almost a year. Also counting 5 years of professional contact with more nationalities you can count on both hands and feet, International was the opening that clicked most with me. Especially the sheer amount of interesting exchange students I had the pleasure to get to know during past Accademic years was one of my most memorable experiences hence the pick for the International part.

Tom Stevens

Heyo, my name is Tom! I’m in my 2nd Bach of Japanology, This year, together with Benji I’m responsible for the International function. I already have my own international experiences & adventures, because of that I am also an active volunteer of the international organisation called AFS. I also love to meet new people from all over the world, as thus I saw this as a perfect opportunity to take up a role which really fits me.

Maximillian Cardinaels

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