Anyone who studies Language and Area Studies surely has a healthy interest in all things international. That’s why we spend the whole year trying to bring the world a little bit closer together. We work hard to help welcome the new exchange students at the start of the year and try to support our own students in their international experiences as well. On top of that, we organize all kinds of activities to help you get a taste of a different culture.

We have karaoke nights, movie nights with films from all over the world, food sales with snacks typical of the different regions we study…

Keep an eye on our calendar and on the calendar of our coworkes over at the umbrella organization of the Faculty of Arts!

Do you have any questions? Or do you have an amazing idea for our next intercultural activity? Don’t hesitate to contact us here!

Emma Meijburg, International


Hello there! Welcome at the info page about international! If you don’t see me the first semester, don’t worry, I’m still alive! 😉 The second semester you will probably see me again. About me: next year I will go to my third year of Arabic and Islamstudies and I chose to engage myself for international, since I am very interested in other cultures and I want to show you our lovely country and our leuvely city. Not surprisingly my biggest hobby is travelling and meeting other cultures, but besides of that I like to read, do some sports and play some music. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, Chiara or Johanna. We are looking forward to welcome you in Leuven and Belgium! ☺

Chiara, International


Hey classmates or future students of Language and Area studies! My name’s Chiara and I study Arabic Studies and love fried chicken, kittens and sushi. I think it’s important to help others and like to volunteer for charities. Planning and organizing is what I like to do best and I have a passion for discovering other cultures. This is why I’m one of the people responsible for all things international at Eoos this year. If anyone has ideas to make the stay of international students better, let us know!

Johanna De Weerdt, International & Education 


Hey! My name’s Johanna, I’m 21 years old and am in the 3rd year of the bachelor of Sinology. I am taking on two functions in Eoos this year, both of which are really important to me: International and Education!

As a person responsible for the international function, I am very much looking forward to ‘contaminating’ the international students with my incredibly big love for Eoos and Leuven! ❤️