To promote parties and other activities, our PR makes beautiful posters.

Always wanted to try it out yourself?


Jacob Claes, PR & Sports



I’m Jacob and together with Siebe I form the PR-team. We will be readily available for all your PR-related problems. I’m 19 years old and have been living in Leuven all my life (hehe I said that backwards in my head), so you could call me a real Leuvener. 

I’m also an amateur at piano, a sinologist and a big big foodie

See you at Eoos!


Siebe Jonckheere, Cultuur & PR


Hi, I’m Siebe, 19 years young and I’m in my 2nd year Arabic Studies. This is my first year in the Eoos Presidium and I’m very much looking forward to kindle your cultural spirit with interesting movies and border-crossing activities, like the culture trip in January. I will also keep you up-to-date (read: I spam and stalk you guys) about all our events through social media…


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