To steer all the goings on of Eoos (or any other student union) in the right direction, you need a president.

The president is the person who delegates and coordinates everything, together with the vice president(s). To the outside world, the president is the face of Eoos and the central contact person. The president also stands by the rest of the presidium at all times. There’s barely any life left outside of Eoos! The daily routine of the president is so busy with work for Eoos, that it seems to be a fulltime job, but definitely one that is carried out with hart & soul.

What does the president do?

The president sees to the representation on many different levels. He/she attends student councils together with education, supports the people of the course service in providing you with course material for a nice price.
These prices are checked & OK’d by finances while the webmaster keeps┬áthe website up-to-date so you can find all the necessary information..
There’s secretary, who types all the reports of meetings we have and makes sure everyone reads them.
And of course, there’s also room for relaxation:
Under the watchful eye of the president, there’s people of animation working on the next party, the cantor is preparing the next cantus, the culture-team is looking for a new movie or trip to make and the people of the Eoos Express are making a new magazine,
*takes breath*
The people of Fak are planning their next afternoon or night in our faculty bar, the people of international are taking steps to include internationals as well, PR is making a new poster and the people of sports are training for their next match!
It’s a lot of work, but most important: a lot of fun!


Anne-marie (Anmar) Dedene, President


Aloha all,

I am Anne-Marie Dedene, also known as Anmar by students in Leuven. I’m in my last year of the Bachelor of Sinology. My passions are books, food, Eurovision Songfestival and, of course, the best student association of Belgium: Eoos! This is why I will lead Eoos as president this academic year. Naturally this is a task which I can’t undertake alone; a strong team supports me and my right hand and vice president Enya.

I would hereby like to invite you to all our events this year – I hope to see you all back there. Do you have a question about Eoos, about Language and Area studies, student life or je-ne-sais-quoi? Talk to me! (A great chat with some coffee is also welcome.)

Toodles noodles!

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