This is the person in charge of inviting everyone to PV’s and AV’s, writing reports of the presidium meetings, and distributing the reports afterwards. If you have any questions concerning the time and place of anything, this is the person to go to!

Emilie, Secretary

Peekaboo! I’m Emilie, I’m from a small village in West-Flanders; Ingelmunster. I’ve been on this planet for 20 years and since 2 years, that’s mostly been in Leuven. A Sinologist-to-be and Eoos secretary full of enthusiasm, but mostly just a person who likes to be creative and loves order. As secretary, I type up the minutes of meetings. I book rooms for Eoos activities and make sure everyone works their shifts. Apart from studying, relaxation is important too – what’s better than relaxing with other students at Eoos!?

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