The student life isn’t always that healthy, but no worries: Eoos thinks about that as well!
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Jacob Claes, PR & Sport


Hey, I’m Jacob and I’m the president for sports within Eoos!

I’m not super sporty myself, so president for sports might not be a self-evident choice, but I do it with pride anyway! Most of the sports events, like the interfactulty cup and the 24 hour run are organized by KOCO Arts, so that’s a load of my back. Just Eoos’s sports events are for us (me and Arvid, my colleague) to organize 😉 To do this properly, we go to LOKO’s sports meetings, which inform us about our functions and everything to do with sports in Leuven. If you ever have any questions around sports, events or have genius ideas, don’t hesitate to talk to me or send me a message, I’ll answer ASAP!

I’m out! Peace.

Arvid, Sport


Hi I’m Arvid, I do sports within Eoos. I’m 20, first-year Japanology. Why sports? Because I love sports, it’s a simple as that. My role consists of organizing small events to sweat with other sportslovers. My favorite sports are those which make you curse and complain a lot and leave you satisfied at the end.


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