The student life isn’t always that healthy, but no worries: Eoos thinks about that as well!
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Michael, Sports & Fak

Hello, I am Michael, not your typical model student Japanology. This year I am responsible for sports and fak at Eoos; a great combination indeed. I am not the most sporty human being, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like playing sports. The sports activities for the entire faculty of arts, such as the 24-Hour-Run, will mostly be called into being by KOCO Letteren. The others will be organized by Willemijn and me, so our students get enough sports events to keep them active. This will be a great variation of competitive sports and calmer challenges. What will this entail? That is for PR to let you know. Input is always welcome; that way we know what you like and that’s what most important. I don’t bite 😉 

Willemijn, Sports

Hi! I am Willemijn, 24 years old and I’m a student of Archaeology. This year, I’m responsible for sports at Eoos, so I organize the matches, physical activities and (hopefully) many boardgame nights (yay Risk!). I’m not really sure what else to tell you, so here’s an interesting tidbit: a species of sharks carries eggs in their own belly. Once the eggs start hatching, the babies start eating each other and the leftover eggs, until only one baby shark is left. Yes, there’s videos of this. Yes, it’s gross. Bye!

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