Becoming a member of Eoos is easy. Besides, the costs are recovered pretty quickly.
Some advantages of a member card:

  • discount on specific courses you buy at Eoos’ course service
  • discount on specific courses you buy at a few other Arts-unions, like Alfa, Babylon, Mecenas and Musicologica
  • discount on parties and cantuses of Eoos and the Arts-TD’s (Asian Pop Party as well)
  • You get a free Eoos sticker! 🙂

A member card costs 7 euros, can be bought at the course service and is only valid if your name is filled in.

Reminder! Becoming a member isn’t the same thing as being part of the presidium.
As member of Eoos you have a member card, valid for a year, with the listed advantages.
As member of the presidium you attend meetings and volunteer to keep the presidium running.