Eoos has a course service since 1998-1999 that offers course material for democratic prices each semester for the students of Language and Area Studies.

The people of the course service fill their time with their own classes, selling course material, membercards & hoodies and ordering new supplies.

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Marie-An Knops, Course Service & Education


Hey everyone! My name is Marie-An. I am 20 years old and am in the 3rd year of the bachelor of Sinology.

I love traveling, reading and, of course, China! This year I want to put my best foot forward by helping out at the course service and in the education department of Eoos. As one of the people responsible at the course service I will try my best to let it be the least stressy as humanly possible. For your books and courses, come see us, but also for a lot of other things!

Stef Vermeiren, Course Service & Fak


Hi friends of Language and Area studies. I am Stef Vermeiren and am in the 2nd year of the bachelor of Japanology. With my Flemish name, Moroccan roots and dreadlocks you could count me in as one of the least conventional figures of the Faculty of Arts (although Arts is pretty alternative in and of itself, but oh well…)

I will be active in Eoos this year by being responsible for the course service and fak, so I can meet as many people as possible and also do something of use (read: non-alcohol related). I would like to get to know you and if you have questions about anything, don’t hesitate to ask. I will be @ Fak for a nice chat about everything and anything, so don’t be afraid to talk to me without any reason at all as well.

Glen Smet, Course Service & Fak


Hi, I’m Glen and this year I’m responsible for Fak and the course service, together with my lovely colleagues. If you’re planning on spending much time @ fak, we will get to know each other very soon. I will also be at the course service a lot and at most sports events of Eoos. If you’re interested in manning the bar @ fak and/or DJ’ing for Eoos, if you’re in need of a course – I will gladly help you with any of these things! Talk to me, lots of love and hopefully, until soon!

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