Dear reader,

The website is finally ‘done’ (as far as something like that can ever be ‘done’),  courses have been printed and the last preparations for all the activities and parties of the first week are being rounded up as we speak. All this to ensure you have the most amazing introduction possible!

Now, what do you have to know about your first week in Leuven as a first-year student? (except that this is going to be the best part of your life and all that)
Here’s my list of suggestions (in order of importance):

  1. Check where and when your obligatory introduction sessions are.
    This is where you’ll get all the important info in one go 🙂
  2. Get your books when you can.
    For a number books you’ll have to go to the Acco store or Peeters, but a whole lot of courses can be found for a better price at the course service!
    Also: first check out our secondhand book market before you buy your books at new price!
  3. Get an Eoos Express ASAP.
    This is our green zine that will keep you posted about all the goings on. The current edition is a special Back to school-edition that explains a lot about Eoos:
    who we are, what we do, which things you can expect from the coming weeks, which dates you can already put in your calendar etc. 😉
  4. Like our Facebookpage and subscribe to our events, so you stay posted on all activities! Although we try to keep the site as up to date as possible in the case you don’t have Facebook (yet), Facebook ultimately is the place where the most current information can be found.
  5. Everyone’s a bit anxious.
    Not one first-year student has everything in order after a day or a week. The first week might be a bit overwhelming, but the big plus is that there’s always people around to help you, to answer your ‘stupid’ questions that really aren’t that stupid and gladly tell you that 91 is just the cellar-level of a building. Nobody knows why.

Anyways, before I go all sentimental on you or go into too much detail, let’s just give you some practical information:

Weekly Calendar Eoos 26-30 September

Well, then. All there’s left to do is to not only welcome the first-years, but also all the other students. Welcome (back) in Leuven! I hope I will run into all of you often. Here’s to an amazing year!

– Dyan Muijsenberg

PS. If you have questions, you can always go here or here!