Dear students,
As many of you might have already heard, Language and Area Studies will have one programma less next year: Slavic Studies is put on hold. We endorse the reaction of┬áThomas Pierrart, president of CORaaL (studenten council of Arts). We also think it is most regrettable how the faculty communicated this to us. We ourselves only know since yesterday afternoon that this decision had already been made and therefore didn’t have the opportunity to debate this with the faculty administration anymore. We will of course try our hardest to show our great dissatisfaction about this in any possible way and will defend your concerns as students, as always.
Students who now follow Slavic studies will of course be able to fully complete their education.

If you have more questions or want to help to find solutions, you can always send an e-mail to


Here’s the link┬áto veto’s article (unfortunately, only available in Dutch)