It’s the second to last week before our cramming period and that means there’s still a lot of stuff to do for a short time 🙂


  • Basketball match against Ekonomika
    For the male sports people!


  • Volleyball match against Apolloon
    For the female sports people!
  • Brainstorm sessie about Asian Pop Party
    For everyone who has a preference for- and/or opinion about Asian Pop and wants to brainstorm with us without any obligations! We’ll talk about how we are going to realize our TD in the second semester.


  • Reading afternoon
    For everyone who feels the need to read an afternoon, study or chatter quietly. This time it’s in the praatkamer @ Fak Letteren. 
  • Eoos mans the bar @ Fak 
    Second to last time so do come! 🙂
    No volleyball training session, sorry


  • Food sale
    Because it’s my (Dyans) birthday! We sell many different kinds of homemade baked goods to celebrate.
  • Volleyball training
    Sports. Exercise. Positive vibes.
    No basketball training session, sorry