Hey you!

Looking for ways to save some money on your books for the second semester? Or do you want to make someone else happy with your used books? Then stop by at Eoos’ secondhand book market!

For the sellers

You can bring in your used books and decide on the price yourself!
Books can be brought in on:

  • Monday 13/02 from 8u till 18u
  • Tuesday 14/02 from 10u till 20u
  • Wednesday 15/02 from 9u till 17u

You bring your books to Eoos’s perma on one of these dates. Eoos’s perma is located above Fakbar Letteren. The permanence is accessible during Fak opening hours or through the ‘white’ red door.

Afterwards we will let you know if your book has been sold and on which dates you can stop by to round everything up.

For the buyers

You can buy secondhand books on:

  • Thursday 16/02 from 17u till 20u

The book sale takes place inĀ LETT 02.16. We bring all available books so make sure you stop by while supplies last! After Thursday we’ll provide you with more information on which books are still available.