Dear Eoos,

We’ve been back for a week and hopefully this means that you’ve had the following:

  • a new bunch of books
  • a nice night with friends
  • a good bite to eat
  • a beer @ fak
  • a game you’ve won

No? Oh. But! Then I’ve got good news: for all of these things you’ve got another opportunity this week.

A new bunch of books

You can go to the course service on Monday and Wednesday this week. Have a look at the opening hours at the bottom of the site. You can also buy secondhand books for a nice price this week!

A nice night with friends

You’d best plan this on Tuesday. Eoos is organizing a quiz and past quizzes have been very nice and cozy. Don’t worry, there’s a lot of different rounds to gain points with, so you don’t need any super specific knowledge or something. It mostly is a fun way to test your knowledge.

A good bite to eat

This you do on Wednesday, at our food sale! This time we sell homemade waffles with powdered sugar or whipped cream (or nothing) Hmmmnomnomnom.

A beer @ fak

This is a double opportunity. Ór you come to our evening @ fak Wednesday, ór you relocate a room further and come to our party. Those who dress up get one free cocktail/mocktail. SO MANY OPTIONS.

A game to win

Will be there on Thursday. Fak is organizing a province drinking contest. You can battle with the other provinces and help yours to victory! This will be a taster for the language drinking contest happening later this semester.

PS. Didn’t get a hold of the Eoos Express? It’s online now!