A new week, a new overview! This week we will mostly be entertaining you at the beginning of the week, so make sure you’re up to speed!


  • Tomorrow is our AV, our General Meeting. Are you interested in what Eoos does, do you want to have a look into the inner workings of a function or do you have some questions? Surely come over then!


  • On Tuesday it’s time for the Job event of the Faculty of Arts. Enrolling is advised, more info on that can be found through the Facebook event. It promises to be a useful day on which you can get more insight in your job opportunities.
    • And oh, if you’re there anyway, come by for some Spring Rolls. We’re having a food sale then! 🙂
  • Tuesday also brings us a board-games evening by team Sports. Think sports. For everyone who likes to win, who can’t handle their losses or just likes to see someone else play a game; whichever one you are, you’re welcome to join us!


  • This Wednesday, like every week, we will be manning de fak. This week we will be manning the bar in the evening, so please come by for a drink, to have a chat or to dance the night away!