Like every week, hereby the update on all goings-on from Eoos. But this week is a bit extra special.
The last week before Easter break is your last chance to
a) avoid your responsibilities
b) get your shit together

No judgement whichever one you identify with, but just keep it in mind while making decisions 😉


  • For everyone who is not going to the Beiaardcantus (on Wednesday), or just wants to cantus all week: Tuesday is our Duocantus with Wina. The theme, then, is also Duo, as in: Beauty and the Beast, Mario and Luigi, Peanutbutter-jelly and so on.
    Click here for more info and here to register!


Wednesday is an explosion of activities, so you better not have 6 hours of class (like me FML).

  • Of course it’s time for Eoos @ fak. This week, we’re there in the afternoon from 13-19.30h!
  • Eoos’ fak-team planned something special this week: A charity afternoon. In the ‘praatkamer’ @ fak, you will find things to do and have done between 14-18h. In paying for these, you are directly helping the Suicide Hotline!
  • And then, to close off the night, there’s a beautiful film @ MSI!