First and foremost: welcome to the new academic year! Hopefully everyone survived their summer and resits good & well, so we can start the new school year in high spirits.

The new academic year of course starts off with a welcome week, during which we make sure that new students can get to know the city and their colleagues. The first years and the other students will also get plenty of opportunity to socialize and everyone will have enough time to pick up their books at the course service.

  • Getting to know the city is done best during the city game on Tuesday evening. It’s free and you can register here.
  • Later that week, on Thursday, our cocktail party will take place. During this, you’ll discover that the permanency is more than just the location of the course service. This place can be good fun!
  • Also worth mentioning: books, courses and other stuff! The course service will be open many hours during the first week of term, but beware: there will possibly be some queues if everyone comes at once.


And that wraps up week 1. Of course, we will be available for all your questions, however big or small they seem to you. Some random tips & tricks:

  • Go to your classes/meetings on time, so you’ll still be there in due time if you get lost.
  • 91 Is the basement of a building (nobody knows why)
  • Saving money is best done through preparing your own food and by eating on food sales of student unions instead of buying a sandwich every day!


And, zum Schluss, a look into the future:

For the first years we organize a welcome weekend after week 2. Register here!