From tonight on, it’s eoos(tern) week! This means that Eoos is trying even harder, organizing even more, preparing even more food and that it deserves even more applause than it normally does!



  • The classic opening reception of our party week. Swing by for a free cava and a bite to eat!



  • Food sale: Pierogi
  • Sake cantus – for those who have always wanted to try sake and/or just thought it high time for the first eoos cantus of the year! (I’m not crying you’re crying)
    Register here!



  • Food sale: SushiThe classic in eoos terms. Extra hugs are welcome!
  • Schachtenverkoop – click to register
  • Partyyyyy! Theme: thousand and one … word joke doesn’t work here, sad.. 🙁

Thursday the 26th Eoos baptizes their ‘schachten’ (why do I even translate this, this sounds weird) Register here.

1 November Eoos is going on its first culture trip. Register here!