Eoos presents: our new coat of arms! The familiar name and colors are still there, as is the crane. We have decided, however, to make a few adjustments to the right panel for the following reasons:

  1. A while ago, various students pointed out to us that the sun in our old coat of arms bore a striking, although unintentional, resemblance to the Japanese Rising Sun Flag. Seeing as that this resemblance cannot be denied and this flag has a specific (negative) connotation, Eoos decided to put a different sun on its coat of arms and to establish a think tank to oversee this change.
  2. Over the past few years, multiple courses of study within Language and Area Studies have been abolished. This made it difficult to decide which languages should and should not be on Eoos’ coat of arms. To avoid further discussion about this in the future, the think tank chose a design without languages on it.
  3. Despite these changes, we want the coat of arms to represent a link between the East and the West. This is why the bridge was added.

We hope you think the result is as beautiful as we do!