Eoostern week 2018

Tadaaaaaaa! Eoos presents: its ‘party’ week, AKA Eoostern week. So many names, so many events; it’s all very exciting.

  • Sunday Evening (tonight lol) at 22h the reception will take place on the permanence of Babylon @ Fak Letteren.
  • On Tuesday we have organized a cantus! All the available spots have unfortunately been filled already. Congrats to the lucky ones!
  • On Wednesday we will host a quiz about various subjects. Register your team here!
  • On Thursday we conclude the week with a party @ fak!

But of course, that’s not all, because Eoos also has a lot of food sales for you! Yay!

  • Monday 11-14 Croques: grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Tuesday: 9-12 Cake
  • Wednesday: 16-18 Soup
  • Thursday: 11-14 Falafel sandwiches

Enjoy Eoostern week! 💚