Dear Eoos,

what can I say except: it’s week 1 again.

The new semester is starting on Monday and hopefully the grades you get back will be grand, but even if they’re not: try to put things in perspective. As long as you’re trying, everything will be alright. Certainly talk to your mentor, but Eoos is also there to give you some tips wherever you need them!

In this first week of the new semester the course service will be open quite a bit to provide you with yummy reading material! The opening hours are:

  • Monday from 8.30 till 15.00
  • Tuesday from 10 till 14.30
  • Thursday from 15.30 till 20.00

Can’t come during these? Send an email to the course service, so you can find a time that suits you both.

We’re also at the ready with social activities this week! On Sunday, Eoos is (wo)manning the bar @ fak’s Free Beer’s Eve. Drinks galore, because it’s already been announced that there will be 5 free kegs!

On Wednesday, after a few first days of studying (or not), you can go to the (s)Letteren TD!

Do you have questions? Click here to find out who to contact and don’t waste time worrying about your mailing skills; we’re here to help.

Good luck and have fun with the start of the semester!