Eoos wouldn’t be a student union without the necessary amusement. That’s why Eoos organizes various activities like TD’s, food sales and theme parties throughout the year.

Well-known events are the kickstart TD in collaboration with Alfa and, in the second semester, Asian Pop Party. Theme parties like Murder on the Orient Express were very popular earlier as well.

In the first semester the schachtenverkoop and the doop take place.

We also have a celebration week, the Eoosterse week, that’s full of cool activities and food sales that introduce you to new flavors in exchange for a student-like price.

Team Animation

Birte Recour

Hi my name is Birte!
Upcoming school year I’m ready to open all international and first year students with open arms. Although this will probably be a strange year, I hope to make the best of it and open people’s hearts to the student life in Leuven.
You can always contact me to answer your questions or if you’re just looking for someone to talk to and grab a beer with!

Iba Dia

Dominique Meeus

Hello! I’m Dominique and this is my 1st year as Eoos’ Animation. I’m also responsible for the course service in our student body, so I hope to bring the experience I’ve gained last year into this function this year. If you’re worried there won’t be happening a lot with Eoos’ Animation this year, then leave those worries behind right now. Covid-19 might try to disturb all our plans, but my amazing Animation-colleague an I certainly won’t be steered away by that! Expect a year full of new and awesome activities, all abiding Covid measures, and of course my awesome personality, because I’m always a party ;).

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