Eoos has a course service since 1998-1999 that offers course material for democratic prices each semester for the students of Language and Area Studies.

The people of the course service fill their time with their own classes, selling course material, membercards & hoodies and ordering new supplies.

For more information about the course service, click here.

Team Cudi

Dominique Meeus

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My name is Dominique and I am 22 years old. I’m currently studying Office Management at the UCLL, so I’m not a KU Leuven student anymore. However, in my first year, I studied Japanese Studies and so I ended up in Eoos. The fact that I’m still here after two years, is proof of how much of a wonderful students’ association we are. We’re a small, close group where everyone knows each other, which I think is very nice. 

This year will be the third year I’m responsible for our course services. By now, I’ve started feeling quite at home in my Course Service corner, so that shouldn’t be a problem 😉. Besides that, I think it’s very important every student has the right textbooks, because I know how annoying it can be when it’s mid-November and you still haven’t got (part of) the books you need. That is why I like doing everything I can to help our students with that.

On the other hand, I will once again be responsible for our events, which I am very excited for. This will be my second year doing this, so I’m holding on tight for a year full of greatactivities (all following Covid-prevention regulations of course). Hopefully I’ll see you all on one of our swingin’ Wednesday nights at a party in our faculty bar, a delicious food selling event or one of our legendary cantusses.

Lots of love from me, Dominique 😊

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