Language and Area Studies is synonymous with a strong interest in international activity & all things abroad. On this page you find the representative of this role this year. For more information about Eoos’ international activities, click here.

Do you have any questions? Or do you have an amazing idea for our next intercultural activity? Don’t hesitate to contact us here!

Team International

Maxime Meeuwissen


My name is Maxime and I’m currently in my first year Bachelor’s of Arabic and Islamic studies. As a rookie at Eoos, I’m gladly willing to fulfill the position of ‘International’ and I’m already looking forward to welcome students from all over the world in the cozy city, Leuven! Due to Corona, it was hard for me as a freshman to experience the real student life, so it seemed to me that it would be even more fun to experience that with international students this year. I’m always open to hang out sometime, because I love to meet new people and make new friends!

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