Our course service is located on our permanency on the second floor of the Faculty Bar of Arts (Fakbar Letteren).

When de Fak isn’t open, you can reach our course service through the ‘witte deur’ (white door, which, unfortunately, isn’t white, but red) at the back of de Fak, across from the MSI and the Erasmus building.

Opening Hours

This week’s opening hours can be found at the bottom of the site.
If you can’t make it within those times, you can send an e-mail to make an appointment.

Please let us know on time if you can’t make the appointment, because the people of the course service do come especially for you. If you behave extraordinarily disrespectful towards the volunteers of our course service, you will be blacklisted.

What can you buy at the course service? 

The dutch version of this page is updated continually.