Anyone who studies Language and Area Studies surely has a healthy interest in all things international. That’s why we spend the whole year trying to bring the world a little bit closer together. We work hard to help welcome the new exchange students at the start of the year and try to support our own students in their international experiences as well. On top of that, we organize all kinds of activities to help you get a taste of a different culture.

We have karaoke nights, movie nights with films from all over the world, food sales with snacks typical of the different regions we study… Something for everyone! Belgian and international students both are very welcome at our events. Keep an eye on our calendar!

Foreign students in Belgium

As student union for Language and Area Studies, we come in to a lot of contact with international students. We try to organize some activities with them, like the annual language party with Sinology. You should also check out LOKO, which organizes the legendary International Party in Alma 2.

Foreign student can meet each other in Pangaea, a center that was founded for international students. Specifically for Chinese students, there’s CSAL and for students of Slavonic Studies and Russian students there’s the Center for Russian Studies.

Of course, Eoos is here for everyone! As a student union representing courses that have an international focus, Eoos tries to connect students from various nationalities and ethnic backgrounds through its events. We really hope you feel welcome to come to our events, no matter where you are from or what your course of study may be. You can drop by at our events for a nice evening, but also for an opportunity to network and meet different people. Click here to go to the Eoos International Facebook page. 

Belgian students wanting to go international

As internationally profiled course, we have a lot of students that go international themselves. The students of Slavonic Studies mostly go on Erasmus contracts to Poland and Russia. Students Sinology and Japanology go to their study countries. Students of Arabistic Studies can go to Caïro for half a year to improve their Arabic..
And then there’s also the opportunity to go on Erasmus, closer to home. Most of the time, our students can apply to a scholarship for that too.
For more information: the KU Leuven page.

Are you curious about what staying in another country for your studies is like? Check out our list of blogs @ our links.

Belgian students who have already gone abroad

For Belgian students who have already been to another country, a Facebook group has been founded. Through this group you can contact other people who have experienced what it is like to live in another country, what’s it like to return home and so on!